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Guinot Facials  

 New HYDRADERMIE (HD2) Machine) 

Facial treatments offering a natural alternative to aesthetic medicine, giving immediate and long lasting results. 


The Star Treatment

Delight in visible results from your very first treatment with Guinot’s exclusive HydradermieHD2 Facial. Adapted to your skin type and concerns, this unique innovation enables fast and deep penetration using double ionisation technology combined with active ingredients, for exceptional results.

50 minutes - £68


Hydradermie Age Logic

The Anti-Ageing Star Treatment

Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 49.5%, this specially designed anti-ageing. Hydradermie facial puts extra focus on the eye contour, neck and décolleté for an all-compassing age defying result.

75 minutes - £80

Hydradermie Lift

The Instant Lifting Treatment

The revolutionary Hydradermie Lift treatment works to stimulate the facial muscles to deliver visible improvement in tone and definition of the facial contours. In the same way that body muscles are “sculpted” at a gym, this treatment provides an incredible “lift effect” after just a few sessions.

50 minutes - £68

Hydradermie Lift Express

The Express Lift Treatment

For those in a hurry and need results quick. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation restoring a youthful tone to the complexion.

30 minutes -£44

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe

The Ultimate Lifting Treatment

A combination of the Hydradermie Age Logic and the Hydradermie Lift for the ultimate lifting effect. Experience immediate contouring results thanks to facial muscle stimulation, firming active ingredients and age-defying techniques.

90 minutes - £90

Hydradermie Eye Logic

The Eye Contour Treatment

This unique treatment targets signs of ageing and tiredness around the delicate eye area, including fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Using a combination of machine technology and hands-on massage and an eye mask infused with a concentrated skin repair serum for maximum results.

40 minutes - £55

All Machine Facials are recommend once a week for three weeks, then to maintain results every 4 weeks. 



Age Summum

The “Anti-Ageing” Treatment

The pinnacle of anti-ageing treatments, Age Summum is enriched with highly concentrated Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Collagen to firm facial tissue combat skin slackening. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin using the exclusive Age Summum anti-ageing facial massage. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and a youthful radiance is restored.

50 minutes - £65


Lift Summum

The Firming, Lifting Treatment

An exclusive global firming treatment that immediately reduces signs of fatigue and ageing, focusing on the face, neck and décolleté. The unique stimulating massage visibly lifts and firms while the active ingredients Collagen XVIII helps improve elasticity. The Anti-Wrinkle Eraser diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, whilst the unique specific face and décolleté masks restore a youthful appearance.

50 minutes - £65


Hydra Peeling

The Skin Renewal Treatment

Guinot created the Hydra Peeling treatment to reduce signs of ageing, improve the complexion and reduce dark spots. This treatment is a bona fide alternative to aesthetic medicine, offering visible results and radiance after just one treatment. This treatment can be prescribed based on your skin’s sensitivity levels.

45 minutes - £58



The Anti-Pollution Treatment 

An exclusive treatment ideal for city living or suffocated skin that harnesses the power of nature to detoxify and oxygenate. Pro-Oxygen stimulates cellular respiration followed by the Pro-Oxygen Mask made of natural green clay absorbing toxins on skins surface. The anti-pollution treatment is ideal for those with dull or lifeless skin and incorporates a Serenity Massage to promote lymphatic drainage leaving skin fresh and perfectly clear. 

45 minutes - £58




We offer a premium waxing system Lycon is designed to make your waxing treatments easier, low-pain, super smooth., non-sticky finish. Lycon delivers hygienic results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1 mm like no other. 


Lycon hot waxing 

Eyebrows 15 min £ 12

Lip or chin 15 min £ 9

Facial 20 min £ 18 

Underarm 15 min £ 12 

Basic bikini 15 min £ 18 

G-string 20min £25 

Brazilian 30 min £30 

Hollywood 30 min £30

Lycon strip waxing

Half leg 30 min £20

Full leg 45 min £28

Full arm 30 mins£20

Half arm 15 mins £12

Chest/back 30 mins £20

Waxing packages

Half leg & bikini 30 mins £32

Full leg & bikini 60 mins £36

(Upgrade to hollywood or brazillian £10)

Manicure and pedicure treatments care for your hands and feet all treatments are carried out using Jessica polish, Aveda & the gel bottle.

Express manicure or express pedicure 30 min £20 

Jessica luxury manicure 60 min £ 35 

Jessica luxury pedicure 60 min £40 

Gel nails treatments

Gel polish 45 mins £25

Gel polish with french 45 mins £26

Gel Bottle Builder

45 mins £27

Gel Bottle Builder & Colour

60 mins £30


30 mins £20

Rebalance & Gel Colour

45 mins £26

Manicure with Gel 60 min £38

Pedicure with Gel 60 min £ 42 

Gel removal and nail tidy 30 min £15

Gel removal prior to re-application £5 

* Nail art is available 50p change is added per a nail. 

Dual Exfoliation Peel

The latest advancement in non-invasive, skin renrewing

treatments, this innovative treatment combines Aveda’s

naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation

methods into one powerful service, transforming and

rejuvenating the look of skin. This treatment immediately

improves the appearance of skin texture and radiance and

smoothes the appearance of fine, dry lines and pores

Botanical Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Go beyond microdermabrasion and energise the look

of your skin with our resurfacing treatment. Help to

smooth the look of skin’s texture and the size of pores

whilst significantly increasing radiance; all with less

visible redness and irritation than a microdermabrasion




Perfecting Plant Peel

Advancing the science of chemical peels, this treatment

helps retexturise skin’s appearance, smooth the look

of fine dry lines and pores whilst restoring radiance.

Safe for blemished skin, the Perfecting Plant Peel can

be performed as a standalone treatment or added to

any other facial treatment any time the skin needs the

exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic

peel procedure with less of the associated redness and


*Aveda’s plant powered alternatives to microdermabrasion and chemical peels

90 minutes: £70.00

60minutes: £50.00

30 minutes:£ 30.00

Course of 6 treatments for the price of 5




Eyelash tint 15 min £15 

Eyebrow tint 15 min £12 

Eyebrow shape and tint  15 min £18 

Eyelash, eyebrow tint and shape 30 min £28


Classic individual eyelashes expertly applied to suit your individual lashes and desired look. 

Full Set  90 min £60

Half Infill 30 min £30 

Full Rebalance, Audrey sweep 60 min £45 

Hybrid lashes are a combination of Russian Volume & Classic lashes, long lengths of classic lashes strategically placed to create a frame & filled between volume lashes to give spiky textured look. 

Full Set 75 mins £70

Infill 30 mins £35

Express eyelash extensions 

Express lashes will produce a full or natural look for up to two weeks. 

Fullset (includes removal after 2 weeks) £45


LVL adds lengths, volume and length to your natural lashes lasting up to 8 weeks 

45 min £50 

Henna brow treatment

The treatment lasts up to six weeks on hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin. The color works by bonding with proteins in your hair. The treatment is completely bespoke with a consultation and shape design.

45 mins £35


Features waxing, tinting and threading to give you perfectly defined brows. 

30-45 min  £27


Stress, muscle tension and lack of energy can all be addressed with a customised massage treatment. After a thorough consultation, your massage therapist will provide you with the best combination of products, personalised Aveda aromas and massage techniques including: Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, foot reflexology, acupressure,  subtle energy work and pregnancy massage.

Massage treatments are recommended on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to achieve and maintain optimum results. Your massage therapist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you.



Elements Nature Massage

Customised massage depending on your  needs, a variety of massage technique and personalised aveda aromas.


Stress fix body massage 

Clinically proven to reduce feeling of stress, the stress-fix aroma  with lavender and clary sage is incorporated throughout the massage. Swedish and deep tissue with reflexology and acupuncture points. 


Fusion stone massage 

A customised massage with hot stones for deep relaxation of muscle combined with the aromatic power of Aveda pure flower and plant essences.


Indian head massage

Focused on upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Specialised techniques help to relive tension and stimulate circulation whilst reducing stress and fatigue. 


30 mins £30

60 mins £50 

90 mins £68



Aveda body polish 

A customised exfoliation formula, the treatment exfoliates and moisturises skin, leaving it soft and smooth, including relaxing fully body massage. 


Elemental nature back treatment 

A customised treatment that focuses on cleansing, exfoliating, extracting ( if desired) concluding with a relaxing back massage. 


60 min 50 

90 min 68


Advanced Facials




Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). The method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. 


30 mins £35 50 mins £50